GET TO KNOW KINA – 50 Random Facts About Me

GET TO KNOW KINA – 50 Random Facts About Me

At first, I thought – WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO READ ABOUT ME? But then, I remembered why I started this blog in the first place… I remembered THE PURPOSE.

I started this blog not just so my potential clients can look me up online, but also serve as an outlet where I can post everything I want – from my most personal opinions and lifestyle hacks to helpful branding and social media tips and ideas. I have a world outside the Internet, and this blog is a window to who I really am as a person, not just as a professional.

So, as a commendation to my first ever blog post, I thought of introducing myself so you can get to know me better.

Let’s now jumpstart 2020 with 50 of the Most Interesting Random Facts About Me!

1. If I could change my career path, I would want to be a Detective. I’m so into mystery movies, television shows, and novels that I’d love to experience how it feels like to solve crimes firsthand. But I think it’s one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There will be plenty of people depending on you to fight for justice, and not everyone can do it. I always take the easy and most stress-free route when it comes to making decisions, so I decided to do what I can with what talent and skills I already have instead.

2. I don’t drink milk tea. I like milk and tea separately, but not together.

3. I’m so bad at remembering names and faces. It’s one of my weaknesses. So if you ever met me before and I somehow forgot about you, please be considerate and give me another chance!

4. I’m an avid fan of Detective Conan. I have watched all 900+ episodes, 20+ movies, and 10+ OVAs as of date. Yep! It’s still ongoing. And yep! There is only one truth – I love this series so much. I’m constantly learning new things just by watching. Also, I have a very huge crush on Kaito Kid. He’s my favorite character in the fiction world.

5. I’m right-handed, but I wear my watch on my right wrist.

6. My zodiac sign is Cancer.

7. Lana Del Rey is my queen. I love her song, Blue Jeans, the most.

8. I love watching animated movies, especially Pixar and Disney. My favorite up until this moment is Coco. I have watched it for like 10 times already, and I still cry every damn time. It makes me miss and remember my grandma, too.

9. I’ve been writing novels since I was ten. It’s the hobby I could never give up. I used to carry my journal everywhere… oh, I actually still do! One of my biggest dreams is to someday publish my own book – fingers crossed!

10. I’m a Slytherin according to Pottermore. My favorite Harry Potter character is Ron Weasley (I had a huge crush on Rupert Grint!). My favorite object is the Time-Turner, and my favorite potion is the Draught of Peace (I need it in my life!).

11. I never really liked pink, but ever since I found out I was having a daughter, my mind automatically changed perspective. Another reason of having pink as the most dominant color in my palette is that I’ve studied the psychology of colors enough to know that my target market, which is women, will most likely be drawn to feminine colors such as pink than any other hues. It was a branding strategy at first, but now, I personally love it.

12. I’m lowkey a BTS ARMY. My bias is Suga, and my bias-wrecker is V.

13. I don’t work or study with music on. I just can’t concentrate when it’s noisy.

14. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’m an event and wedding planner. I also have a honey business, a gift shop, and lastly, I’m the Creative Director here at KINA Creative, which I consider as my full-time job. There’s a lot more in the making, but will need to keep them to myself for now!

15. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream, and red velvet at times!

16. I was born in the Year of the Ox.

17. I don’t drink or smoke. Never have I willingly tasted a single drop of alcohol.

18. I don’t like crowded places, and that would mean I also hate going to concerts and attending gigs and seminars. Somehow I prefer to be onstage rather than among the crowd. I hate sitting down and doing nothing; it makes me anxious… which basically explains why I’m in the events industry.

19. I have watched FRIENDS for God knows how many times. Joey Tribbiani is my favorite – he’s authentic, and a natural. Although I can relate most to Monica, being a perfectionist and all.

20. My go-to Karaoke songs are anything Lady Gaga’s!

21. I can read and write in Hangeul and Hiragana, not fluently yet though. If there’s one language I’d want to learn, it would be Spanish.

22. I have bad senses. Compared to my younger brother, he can smell anything from like miles away, and he’s really good at remembering everything – even better at impersonation and mimicry than anyone else I know. He’s naturally funny unlike me.

23. My favorite songwriter is Taylor Swift. She writes the most amazing lyrics.

24. My full name is Shiekina Marie Copas Añasco. Growing up, my family and closest relatives call me Shane. My friends call me Shie, Shiek, Shieks, or Shieki – whatever they want, really. There are only two people who call me Kina – my dad, and my late grandmother.

25. My favorite subjects are Algebra and Psychology, but funnily enough, I didn’t take any course related to that.

26. I dropped out of college on my fifth year – just because. I feel like school is not for me. Well, maybe not for now. I might go back later on but for a different purpose; we’ll never know.

27. I don’t watch horror or thriller movies. You can’t make me.

28. I’m not much into pizzas, but I love Hawaiian pizza the most. And yes, pineapples do go on pizza.

29. I’m such a memory hoarder. I collect receipts and tickets of basically everything. And I don’t have the habit of deleting messages on my phone either.

30. If I could master one instrument, it would be the piano. I can play, but not good enough!

31. I love watching documentaries about serial killers and weird murders. We can talk about cases all day, baby!

32. I used to dream about building my own school – where values come first before anything else. 

33. I have a sweet tooth. I always hide desserts in the fridge and have a box of chocolates for an emergency in case I need them. They’re my comfort food whenever I feel exhausted or too stressed out. My hubby doesn’t like it because it’s “unhealthy” (he’s super health-conscious), but he doesn’t have much of a choice anyway.

34. Board games are kinda my forte. My dad taught me how to play Chess and Scrabble when I was young. He’s really good. Since then, whenever I’m in a brief hiatus, I play them on my computer to help my mind relax and focus.

35. I love playing Sudoku, too. It works the same way as Chess and Scrabble, and it’s also the best way for me to fast forward the time.

36. My biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s the most hardworking person I know. She’s young, collected, and driven. She treats everyone with respect. And despite having a rebellious son and an extremely stubborn daughter, she still shows her unconditional love to us in the most unexpected ways. She never knows when to quit, and she still believes in us even when everything we did is fail her.

37. This must be the most unrelatable sentence one could ever write – I don’t like sleeping. I mean, if my body doesn’t really need to, I wouldn’t. If I could have any superpower, that would be it – never needing to rest.

38. All the four of us in the family were born on a hero’s day. My dad was born on April 9 which is Araw ng Kagitingan (The Day of Valor). My mother, December 30, which is Jose Rizal’s Day. My brother, November 30, which is Andres Bonifacio’s Day. And lastly, there’s me, born on July 22, Apolinario Mabini’s Day. Mine just happens to be the only non-holiday, and I feel extra unspecial (if that’s even a word).

39. Black Widow is my favorite Marvel hero. She can kick asses all day! And she doesn’t even have any superpower which I think is super cool.

40. I have mild pneumonia. Started out as plain asthma but now we’re here! It’s the kind of allergy that comes only once in awhile, but when it does visit, it rudely stays uninvited for a month or two.

41. Even as a child, I’ve never dreamt of having a luxurious wedding. I like keeping things simple and intimate – which is kinda odd since I love organizing big and private events for my clients. I just don’t think luxury is something that could make me any happier, so why spend too much?

42. Ignorance is my biggest pet peeve. And also people who continuously nitpicks on and rants about nearly everything without appreciating what they have or what is offered to them. Pessimists who only see the bad and the dark side. I just don’t like being around people who carry negative energy around.

43. Abraham Lincoln’s “Whatever you are, be a good one.” are the words I live by.

44. I hate the fact that “ñ” is considered as a symbol and not as a letter.

45. I have six amazing girl best friends that I can’t live my life without. We call ourselves the “Loona”, and we’ve been each other’s shoulders to cry on, hands to hold, and arms to never let go of for almost six years now. They’re my greatest angels.

46. I’ve never seen myself working a 9-5 corporate job, which is why I do what I do.

47. My number one aim this year is to consume as little plastic as I can.

48. I seek perfection in almost everything I do, or wear, or buy…

49. I find it extremely difficult to tell someone a story – which contradicts me as a writer. I’d rather write it down than actually tell you about it.

50. Lastly, I have a daughter named Emilia Blake. And she’s the most precious thing on earth. I love her with all my heart.

Now, enough about me. TELL ME ABOUT YOU.

Are we somehow similar or completely different?

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