And when I say “everyone”, that includes ME.

We can just say “come on, it’s just social media”, but actually, this is the space where we can connect with our potential clients, and that is SO A BIG DEAL. So as I’ve noticed, here are the TOP 7 SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES that WE all need to avoid!

1. Using too many generic hashtags.

The purpose of using hashtags is for your account to be discovered and make it to the “Explore” page for a good period of time. But if you’re using hashtags that have over a million posts, there isn’t even a 1% chance for your post to stay there even for a minute. Use hashtags within your niche, say those with less than 100k or even 50k posts. For example, instead of using #socialmediatips with more than 1M posts, I’m using #socialmedia101.

2. Having inconsistent usernames on different social media platforms.

The key to having people remember how they can easily reach out to you is consistency. That narrows down to the first thing you set when you create your new account – your username. If it’s not too late, make sure you have the same username in all your platforms. That will make it easier for you to create your own branding hashtag. Also, AVOID numbers, symbols, and duplicate letters! Admit it or not, @kinacreative is so much easier to remember than – idk, @itskinacreatiiive_22, right?

3. Not sticking to the same brand colors and fonts.

List down your hex codes and use it for EVERYTHING! “I don’t care, it’s the same shade anyway” DOESN’T WORK especially in the long run. Make sure to settle down into 3 brand colors and 2 fonts AT MOST for your social media graphics to make your photos look 1000% more prepared and evenly curated.

4. Following everyone.

If you’re in it for the follow train, that’s great. It’s cool to have people supporting each other’s backs on Instagram or in any social media platform. But do you know that the more you follow people who are NOT in any way related to what you do or what you love posting, the more you keep yourself further away from your loyal audience? I’m talking about potential clients, customers, or avid fans and readers. So the next time you hit that follow button, make sure you’re getting CLOSER to your target market!

5. Writing captions for the sake of selling, and not providing substance.

We all HATE to be constantly reading pitches here and there, so even if we really want that product or need that service, we eventually get turned off because we’re too fed up with the same selling tactics all the time. So say you have a honey business, instead of talking about your product and its price, you can write about the difference between filtered honey and raw honey. Instead of promoting your services directly, PROVIDE USEFUL INFORMATION to those who might be needing it. People know when they see value – it’s not that hard to distinguish. Give them the reason to choose YOU among the rest of the competitors who are offering the same products or services as you.

6. Forgetting to add geotags.

You might not know it, but geotags are a thing. Including your geographic location on your posts not only increases your reach but is also a way of giving specific information about your address. The locations listed on Instagram are from actual Facebook pages, unless otherwise it was created by other users who checked in. Needless to say, geotags are important especially if your brand or business is location-specific. Who would say no to effortless additional exposure anyway?

7. Posting without engaging.

If you’re not familiar with the new Instagram algorithm just yet, this is for you. Firstly, your posts will be shown to those who have engaged with you, so you must make connections – you can do this not just by liking and commenting but even just by viewing stories and exchanging DMs! Second, you should increase the average time you spend on Instagram. This will show them that you’re actually PRESENT.

BONUS TIP: DON’T just drop emojis as comments. Instagram tracks that as spam. So make sure to comment at least three words, or you better NOT comment at all!

There are a lot more unintentional mistakes that we can’t help but commit anyway. Not having enough time to engage with the community or even do a research and not knowing what to write about are only few of the many factors why we can’t seem to level up our social media game no matter how hard we think we’re trying. 


Once you’ve learned about the “golden rules” of social media and become aware of WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO, you’ll unconsciously apply it in everything – how you create your graphics, write your posts, and even engage with your followers.

Some entrepreneurs and influencers will opt to hiring social media managers like us instead to let us do all the groundwork and have more time to do what they do best. BUT REMEMBER – social media managers are only here to assist you. YOU ARE STILL YOUR OWN BRAND. We can create your graphics, write your posts, and create all the content you want, but the voice we’re using is still YOURS.

Now here’s another BONUS TIP: Know your brand’s mission and vision. Speak through your brand’s voice. BE AS AUTHENTIC AS YOU CAN BE. SMMs can word it out for you but guess what? It’s still YOUR STORY.

So if you’re aiming for social media success, start by KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO ACHIEVE IT. Because having NO CLEAR VISION is the absolute worst social media mistake anyone can ever make.

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