Today, let’s talk about MINIMALISM for beginners.

How do we start living a Minimalist Lifestyle? I compiled three of the most important things to note down if you’re planning to transition to minimalism.

  1. Make use of everything you already have.

Admit it or not, we like hoarding things we don’t really need just for the sake of having them. Like buying a new shade of lipstick that looks exactly the same to the one we have just because it’s on sale. Or buying a new perfume when we haven’t used up our current bottle just because we’re being impulsive. Or buying a new dress we’ll never really wear just because it looks good on the mannequin.

We are born to be consumers, yes, but we should also learn to say “I still have one at home” before buying a new one that will probably sit on your cabinet for the next two months.

Create a grocery list before you go shopping. Avoid getting what you don’t really need. Minimize your waste count as much as you can. In that way, you can help not just yourself but also the whole planet.

2. Keep only what you need and what you can’t live without.

One word: declutter.

Start with a small corner in your house. Get rid of all the things that don’t bring you peace whenever you see them. Like old CDs that you no longer use, photo albums that are already blurred out, house decors that don’t really match your vibe, and the likes.

We can be really sentimental when it comes to disposing some memorable items like our old high school jersey, or our childhood toys and stuffed animals, but remember – someone out there needs them more than you now.

Just because they’re not there doesn’t mean the memory is lost. Let someone else live with a new memory using what once was yours.

Encourage your family to donate their old books and magazines, shoes and clothes that no longer fit, excess school supplies and materials, etc.

Get rid of expired medicines and cosmetics. It doesn’t matter if at the end of the day, you only have two pieces of the same item, as long as they both give you the same amount of joy, you’re good to go!

3. Always opt for a simpler alternative.

If you can ride your bicycle to work or school, do it. If you can grab a digital copy of the book you want to read, do it. If you have time to cook and pack your lunch, do it.

If you can make crafts, why buy expensive gifts? Anything handmade worths so much more than something bought. If there’s a free seminar in town, why not attend it? It’s an opportunity to learn something new. If you can follow exercise routines at home, why pay for the gym? It doesn’t make much of a difference. Attend mini concerts of local bands and donate if you have extra. In that way, you are supporting a group of people who really needs your money to fund their albums and travels. These people will never forget your good deed, and that’s how you know your donation will go a long way.

There are so many ways to spend our money wisely. Choices are everywhere, you just need to take a second look.

Ask yourself this question: What actions can I take today to simplify my life?

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